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Bringing Belonging Back


The MOZ'S BAND film will act as a powerful catalyst for social change locally, and globally. Why? Because 'banding' wasn't just some small thing Moz, The Serenaders and the bands of the East Midlands of England did once upon a time.


Marching bands play a huge role today in popular culture all over the world.


An estimated 30 million people in the USA alone have been involved in ‘band’ over the last 20 years, and there are huge marching band movements in over 30 countries globally including Canada, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, India, Poland, Australia the Netherlands and all over Scandinavia.

Marching Bands are also loved and used by some of the biggest music acts in the world, from Taylor Swift to Beyoncé to Björk. Even the great film director Steven Spielberg was in a marching band as a teenager!

With tens of millions of ordinary, working-class people globally who have personal experience of the empowering impact that music - and marching bands specifically - have on building belonging and community, we have a perfect opportunity to create positive change.

Moz’s Band has already established global partnerships in the USA and Scandinavia for the long term community activities we will be undertaking with children and young people, and the older generation, to bring together a confluence of generations and cultures.

Here is a video of our director, David Chabeaux, presenting the Moz's Band concept to a business audience at QUAD Cinema earlier in 2021


Real Change

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The Roots of Music is thrilled to collaborate with MOZ'S BAND. We are so excited to share our New Orleans style of marching with the UK and to learn from your musical traditions. These kinds of partnerships are what we should be doing, using music to connect and share the cultures we love so that we can understand and love each other fully.

Suzanne Raether, Executive Director

The Roots Of Music, New Orleans

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