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What does it mean to belong?

MOZ’S BAND is the story of maverick Derby band-leader Maurice ‘Moz’ Ward who inspired a marching band movement - and built belonging for tens of thousands of working class people - and a grandson’s quest to discover, honour and reignite the spirit of a man, and a culture, who’s old community ways might just help us shape our new world.


At its very heart, MOZ'S BAND is a story about what it means to belong, and how music, specifically the music of the niche but millions-strong marching band communities globally, can actively build community and belonging.

Bringing the historical narrative of an ordinary working class Derby man, Moz (and the extraordinary, multigenerational ‘banding’ movement and belonging he inspired for thousands of people in Derby, The East Midlands and the UK) sharply into present-day focus, the film speaks directly to universal themes of isolation, depression, anxiety and loss of community, whilst actively seeking to reignite belonging today.

Taking global folk musics of all kinds that tap into tribe, tradition, and heritage, the film brings together a confluence of generations and cultures all around music, the spirit of Moz, and the rich philosophies of belonging that marching bands gave, and still give, to millions of people worldwide.


“Moz's Band is a film made for, with and about our community, and we feel it could act as a force that galvanises our region around a common purpose.”

Scott Knowles, Chief Executive, East Midlands Chamber


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